David Mosher

David Mosher

The personal blog of the guy that lives in the Biggest Little City In The World, is a Senior Software Engineer at FullStack Labs and is really just a nerd that loves sports and pinball.

Hooked on Tournament Pinball

This weekend I suckered a couple of my co-workers into going with me to a pinball and arcade game expo in California. In doing so I found myself being the sucker in that I am officially addicted to tournament pinball.

Posted July 17, 2016

PHP League OAuth 2 Server in Laravel

At work I'm working on implementing an OAuth 2.0 server for use with some internal API's. I've been keeping a close eye on Alex Bilblie's OAuth 2 Server package that he maintains under the PHP League umbrella and as such decided to use his package to do my implementation.

Posted April 22, 2016

2016 Polar Bear Classic

The first golf tournament of 2016 is in the books for me...and the wife. ;)

We played in what is now our annual event in the Polar Bear Classic at our home golf course Red Hawk Golf Club. We got out on Monday (a holiday) for a practice round (although it was on the Hills course) and we both showed quite a bit of rust as neither of us had touched a club for five months or so.

Posted February 20, 2016

Where Does The Time Go, or the World's Worst Rambling

Tonight I'm sitting here playing with new technology (to me, anyway) and I can't help but feel that time is simply flying past me.

I'm not just talking about how my life has gone from "Oh hey, you got a job" to "You have a kid that turns 6 in four days". Actually, that's actually exactly what I'm talking about.

Posted January 25, 2016

2014 State of My Golf Game

Some may know I'm quite addicted to golf. What I want to do on my blog is share the state of my game along with some of my statistics as I go along just to publically show improvement (hopefully).

Posted September 11, 2014

How I Enjoy Conferences

Over the course of my professional web developer career (spanning a whopping eight years now!), I've attended exactly three conferences geared toward web developers. I wanted to share my views on conferences in general and really just document what I think makes for an awesome conference.

Posted September 5, 2014