David Mosher

2014 State of My Golf Game

Some may know I'm quite addicted to golf. What I want to do on my blog is share the state of my game along with some of my statistics as I go along just to publicly show improvement (hopefully).

Let me start by saying that having a child, while amazing in every other facet of life, is absolutely devastating to your golf game. Pre-child I went from a consistent upper-60's to mid-70's golfer to upper-70's to mid-80's golfer. However, now that my son is getting more into the game we are finding we get to play more as well.

2014 Retrospect (thus far)

So far this year I've played just shy of ten rounds of golf. I haven't made time to practice any other than just before my tee time with a quick warm up bucket and some putts. I'm hoping that 2015 will be nicer to me in the way of time to practice.

My career lowest score is a 67 (which I followed up with a 68...and still lost the club championship by one...) way back in 2007. For comparison my lowest score this year was a 75.

Overall due to the lack of practice I'm somewhat proud of how I played this year. I only played in one tournament (the USGA Public Links Qualifier) and finished in the bottom third of the field.

2015 Goals

I'm going to go ahead and set some goals for myself for the coming year, even it is a bit early to do so.

Stretch / Work out

I currently weigh in at just over 180 pounds. I would love to see that in the mid 160's with some muscle tone and more flexibility. I will have to work very hard to accomplish this, and it is my most difficult goal I'm setting.


A no brainer that will help me improve -- I would like to be able to practice at least once a week. I'm hoping I can entice my son to head down to the golf course down the street to chip / putt / hit a bucket for our father-son time. We'll see how that works out and if I can make it fun enough to keep his attention also.

Participate in at least two individual tournaments

I'm a huge fan of the Northern Nevada Golf Association and how they run their tournaments. I would love to get back into the thick of playing in their events. I'm setting a goal of playing in two tournaments next year, but hope to get over that. I would really love to play two NNGA events and one USGA Qualifier if one is available to me.

Bring putts per hole down below 1.8

This one will be tough. In the nine rounds I have putting stats on this year I averaged 1.86 putts per hole. For comparison's sake, the best on the PGA Tour average a hair over 1.7.

Here's to hoping that laying out my goals for the coming year in the public will have me strive to reach them more effectively then I have done so in the past.